Printing on iPrintRibbon

With Jacquards' iPrintRibbon you can print your own designs directly onto ribbon, at home, with your inkjet printer. It's the perfect way to create personalized ribbons for events, fashion, scrapbooking, and more.

You can design and print your ribbon right here on iPrintRibbon.com! iPrintRibbon.com makes it easy. But that's just one way to do it. If you're familiar with Microsoft Word, Photoshop Elements, or any other program that allows you to layout text and images, they'll give you more control over your design.

Steps for creating and printing your ribbon design:

  1. Design your ribbon using the iPrintRibbon.com design page or any layout software that you're familiar with.

  2. Define a custom paper size: only needs to be done once for each ribbon length you print. You'll need to do this whether you design your ribbon on iPrintRibbon.com or with your own layout software.

  3. Align your design so it prints centered (width-wise) on your ribbon.

    If you're designing your ribbon on iPrintRibbon.com be sure to familiarize yourself with the alignment process by watching the appropriate video linked below depending on the browser you're using.

    • Align your design in Internet Explorer
    • Align your design in other browsers

    Whether using iPrintRibbon.com or your own layout software, always print an alignment test on paper before printing on your iPrintRibbon.

    Place your printed alignment test over your ribbon and hold it up to a light source to see how the ribbon design centers on the ribbon. It's very important that both the test print and the iPrintRibbon be face side up and that both leading edges are together.

  4. Once your design is lined up ... Print your ribbon!